In October 2019, contemporary art space ZNER hosted a prototypical systemic constellation as part of an exhibition. The exhibition was named “come what may. permanent assumptions.” and dealt with resilience as its central subject.

The term “resilience” originally stems from material science. When applied to humans, it describes the ability to absorb disturbances without losing one’s identity, structure or function. Resilience can also be described as “mental resistibility”.

According to the exhibition theme „Resilience“ we asked questions about the role of resilience in neoliberal times. The prototypical systemic constellation – originally a coaching-tool – is also a great curatorial tool: To enrich or deepen views on the theme or to create text for publications. If curators and artists take part, it might even set up a frame of reference for an exhibition. It`s anyway a great and humorous group experience and the surrealistic setting increases creativity in unexpected ways. Here are some screenshots from the movie.

The following ten representatives were present in the prototypical systemic constellation:
The Citizen, The Society, The State, The Capitalism, The Dependency, The Resilience, The Resignation, The Ethics, The Perception and The Judgment

Screenshots form the Video: